'De mythe van de Spierbal' + workshop 'How to Steekar'

The catchphrase goes 'Think Smart Not Hard'. It makes me wonder how vital the supposed inherent difference in strength between sexes is when it comes to completing tasks that seem to require it. A person with no car and no ‘male testosterone muscle Strength’ of their own has to find ways to make do, and my artistic practice as a sculptor certainly does, for the collection and use of heavy found materials. My city gives me mattresses, couches, fridges and solid wooden doors, which with the right knowledge can all be transported alone.

As an AFAB person I know how it is to be expected to have no physical strength and have that shape your real capabilities, but now as a more-masculine presenting person, people are quick to assume that there is something different about me that gives me more strength than a cis-woman.

The difference in physical strength between genders and its consequences seems concrete, decided and unavoidable, but if you look closely it has very little to do with bare muscle power. The mysterious reality and perseverance of this idea is what I am playing with in ‘De mythe van de Spierbal’, and the ‘How to Steekar’ workshop.

Part of: /10 to 22/10 W139 hosts... (week 6), W139, Amsterdam
/01-17/02 - Desert Constellation + De mythe van de Spierbal, De Gelderlandfabriek, Culemborg
28/10 to 12/11 -Geplette stoel + De mythe van de Spierbal, Galerie 158 in het Monopole, Monopole, Schiedam