We hid devils in the shapes of strangers//End of the Auroch

Reused PUR foam, beeswax, pigment, my own hair, slip clay.

• as 'End of the auroch' in group exhibition 'Three Birds No Stone' (9 Dec to 11 Dec 2022) at Laakkade, den Haag
• as 'We hid villains in the shapes of strangers' in group exhibition 'On Your Own' (25 Oct to 29 Oct 2023) at Haagse Kunstkring, den Haag

Collecting stories of violence from friends, history, eavesdropping in the tram. Reconstructing the stories with figures, cutting up the stories, cutting up the figures and peicing them together again.
When it comes to sexual violence, the social attitude and understanding contradict it's reality, where we believe a stranger will be the one to hurt you even though it is almost always someone you know. In the past rape was openly a tool to gain power and destroy, and not seen as a wrong against one person by fault of another. We knew it wasn’t a stranger then so why do we think so now? Did we estrange the reality that perpetrators exist in our inner circles when we decided we wanted to persecute them?